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What businesses should know about the EMV liability shift

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Tri Cities Business Journal
Wednesday,July 15, 2015
Carrie Everman

The nationwide transition to EMV chipped credit cards is well underway. EMV technology, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, adds anti-fraud microchip technology to newly-issued debit and credit cards.

7 Ways To Prepare Your Business For EMV Chip Cards

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Backing America’s Backbone, June 1, 2015

After years of large data breaches and billions of dollars lost to credit card fraud, in October 2015 the United States will finally catch up to Europe and Asia and switch to the EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) chip credit card protocol. This shift should enhance protection for consumers and reduce the costs of fraud for all.

Swipe, no swiping

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Lewiston Tribune

Plastic is going European as area banks switch to credit and debit cards with technology that originated overseas.

Consumers are being issued new cards that contain a computer chip as well as the familiar magnetic strip, said Carrie Everman, assistant vice president and manager of merchant services for Washington Trust Bank in Spokane.

Is a Risk Management Plan in Place for Your Estate?

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Seattle Business, Family Business Corner

For business owners or senior managers of business entities, risk management is a common topic that demands considerable time and attention.

WTB Investment Services’ Jeff Schlenker Discusses Social Security Benefits

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April 23, 2015
Spokane Journal of Business

What can you do to make Social Security work better for you? Don’t take it for granted Although it sounds simple, Social Security is surprisingly complicated. Whether going through this process alone or with the help of a financial professional, be sure to follow several critical steps.

Some ’dogs stay
Former Gonzaga basketball players return to work, live in Spokane Area

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March 12, 2015
Spokane Journal of Business

Former Gonzaga University basketball players Cory Violette and Richard Fox are teammates again. Both now are employed by Washington Trust Bank in downtown Spokane.

Now may be the perfect time for business owners to invest in their businesses

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Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business

By Robert Nesbitt

WTB Investment Services' Bev Gleason Receives National Honor from Bank Investment Consultant

Bank Investment Consultant, the national print and online journal designed specifically for bank-based financial advisors, recently published its list of the Top 100 bank advisors in the US. WTB's very own Bev Gleason was recognized on this prestigious list, coming in at number 80.

WTB's new Investment Services Sales Manager, Jeff Schlenker, VP, says, "This is no small accomplishment. Thank you, Bev, for your dedication, consistency, and focus each year!"