Washington Trust Bank


business bankers
Tony Alegria Cash Management & Commercial Services
Commercial Banking
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Jenna Balch Franchise/enterprise value financing
Gas station/c-store operator financing
Derivative products (SWAPS)
Cash flow recaptures
Tiered pricing models
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Conrad Ball C&I Lending
SBA Loans
Treasury Management Services
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Roddy Baze Real Estate
Agricultural Lending
Large Commercial Corporations
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Andy Beitia Commercial Lending
Industrial Lending
Agricultural Lending
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Kevin Blair Commercial Lending
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David Blas Mid-to-large business relationships over $3 million in revenue
Professionals and professional groups
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Scott Bleeker Manufacturing
Commercial and Corporate Banking
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Jenny Boe Commercial Lending
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Michael Broeckel Agriculture
Small Business
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Stephen Clive Agricultural Lending
Commercial Banking
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Penney Close Large Corporations
Contractors and Non-Profits
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Dominic DeCaro Small Business Lending
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Charlie Forsyth Small Business Banking
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Rick Gaebe Middle Market Commercial Banking
Private Banking and Wealth Management
Value add, relationship and solution-focused approach
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Melissa Giddens Treasury Management
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Fraud Prevention
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Vance Gledhill Commercial Banking with an emphasis on middle-market account relationships
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Brien Godfrey Agricultural Lending
Commercial Banking
Municipal Banking
Private Banking
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Nelson Gourley General commercial banking
Private banking relationships in excess of $200,000
Income property lending up to $2,000,000
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Tracy Heartburg Cash Management and Commercial Services
Commercial Banking
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Tom Heath Commercial lending
Agricultural lending
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Penny Hencz Medium to Large Sized Corporations
Commercial Lines of Credit
Term Loans for Real Estate and Equipment
Commercial Letters of Credit
Cash Management Services
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Steve Isaak Middle Market Commercial Banking
Complex Treasury Management
Value add, solution oriented approach
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Jeff LaCoss Client Service
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Jane Larson Small Business Lending
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John L. Lawrence Owner Occupied Real Estate Financing
Equipment Finance
Operating Lines of Credit
Cash Management
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Rorie Leone Commercial Banking
Private Banking
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Jay Lewis Commercial Lending
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Stu Linscott Commercial Lending
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Griselda Lopez Small Business Lending
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Laura Lovera Depository services and banking operations
Commercial banking - middle to large corporate market
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Scott Luttinen EVP Commercial Division
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Roderic MacRae Commercial Lending
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Daniel McFetridge Agricultural Lending
Agri-Business Lending
Commercial & Industrial Lending
Medical Industry Lending
Real Estate Lending
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Thomas McLaughlin Investor commercial real estate construction and development financing
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Bryan Moore Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Loans
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Heidi Myers Small to Medium Sized Businesses
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Chris Nelson Agricultural Lending
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Robert Nesbitt Commercial & Industrial
Small Business
Commercial Real Estate
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Ken Paauw Builder Services
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Rob Parkinson Commercial Real Estate
Equipment Financing
SBA Financing
Medical and Dental Practices
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Eric Paull Owner-occupied commercial real estate
C&I loans
Timber industry
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Mark Perko Income Properties
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Eric Randall Commercial, industrial, builder and agricultural lending
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Darrell Raver Operating lines of credit
Commercial real estate
Equipment loans
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Steve Roberts Agriculture
Small Business Banking
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Dan Rudolph Commercial & Industrial Lending
Commercial Real Estate
Agricultural Support Businesses
Firearms/Ammunition Industry
Auto Dealerships
SBA Loans
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Kurt Sager Commercial Real Estate
Equipment Financing
Asset-based Lending
Medical and Dental Practices
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Deborah Saner Commercial Banking
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Chris Schuessler Small Business Lending
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Nate Siler Agriculture
Small Business
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Tom Silver Commercial/Business Banking with an emphasis on middle-market account relationships covering all ranges of manufacturing and services.
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Aaron Sparks Agriculture
Small Business
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Gwen Sparks Agricultural Lending
Commercial Lending
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Mark Stephenson Small Business Lending
Credit Analysis
SBA Lending
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Brad Stevens Real Estate Lending
Residential Builders & Developers
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Brannon Stone Commercial Banking
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Amy Talley Health Care
Commercial Real Estate
Auto Dealers
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David Terrell Southern Idaho Region President
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Mark Tsutakawa Commercial Lending
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Lisa Uhlenkott Agricultural Lending Including Real Estate
Term Loans
Operating Lines of Credit
Farm Service Agency Guaranteed Loans
Commercial Lending
SBA Loans
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Steve Utt 509.353.3822 View Bio
Larry Van Ness Commercial banking including manufacturers, distributors, service companies, not-for-profit organizations and finance companies.
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Larry Vandenburg Restaurants
Large commercial loans
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Phil Von Buchwaldt Commercial Lending
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K. Vaughn Wagoner Real Estate
SBA Lending
Commercial lending
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Dean Watanabe Small Business Banking
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Terry Weimer Agricultural Lending
Commercial and Industrial Loans
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Alex Westfall Owner-occupied real estate financing
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Linda A. Williams Oregon Region President
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Brent Wise Asset Based Lending
Government Contracting
Commercial Real Estate
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Ann Yoo Commercial Real Estate Financing
Tenant Improvement Financing
Business Acquisition Financing
Lines of credit
Depository and Cash Management Services
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Kyle York Commercial, agriculture, consumer and real estate lending
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Steve Yoshihara Large Corporations
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