Credit Cards

A robust business credit card product complete with customizable options to meet the spending needs of businesses, giving the versatility, convenience, and control over expenditures.

A VISA® Business Card* with the flexibility to manage your company’s cards on your terms.

Individual spending limits give you the flexibility to control cash advance access and employee spending. Each employee’s card can have a different spending limit, and monthly statements give you quick access to who spent how much, when and where.

Access credit card information 24 hours a day to view cardholder transactions and statements. Conduct account maintenance including ordering new cards, closing accounts and adjusting credit limits. Download card information to financial software to create your own custom reporting.

Expense reports are simple and accurate with the Visa Business Credit Card. No more time-consuming stacks of receipts to sort through—your accounting process is streamlined.


The VISA® Business Card gives you versatility, convenience, and control over your expenditures with these features:

  • No annual fee
  • Choose between individual or corporate billing
  • Ability to set individual cardholder spending limits and cash access; and to block charges from designated merchant categories
  • Online program management through 360Control
  • ScoreCard® Rewards

    • Reward points accumulate at the individual or corporate level based on billing
  • 100% fraud protection with zero liability including online purchases
  • Travel and Purchase Benefits*

    • Purchase Security and Extended Protection*
    • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver*
    • Travel and Emergency Assistance Services*
    • Travel Accident Insurance up to $500,000*
    • Accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • MyCardRules™* is an app that provides card controls and instant alerts with the tap of a button. The app lets you control where and how your employees' cards are used, and set up instant alerts for all or some of your card transactions to monitor for fraudulent activity. Full details here.

* Subject to credit approval. Certain terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Refer to the Visa Guide to Benefits you receive with your credit card for further details.

EMV Chip Card Technology

  • Washington Trust credit cards feature EMV chip card technology

    • The integrated EMV chip built into your card helps authenticate credit transactions, and are the standard card technology in many parts of the world. With EMV technology, your card is widely accepted in over 130 countries, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and many more.
    • EMV chip technology also provides extra security by making your card more difficult to counterfeit.


Looking for a better way to track and manage company expenses? Designated company administrators can access company credit card information 24/7 through 360Control—at no additional charge!

The Web-Based Tool Allows Companies To:

  • View company cardholders, their current balances and credit limits at a glance
  • View and download up to 12 months of transaction history
  • Attach and view transaction receipts
  • View credit card authorizations before the charge is posted to the account
  • Make credit card payments
  • Temporarily or permanently adjust cardholder credit lines within the company aggregate limit
  • Close or block/unblock cardholder accounts immediately
  • Add cardholders
  • Order new and replacement cards
  • Create customized management reports