Washington Trust Bank

Designed for your busy schedule, our fraud prevention tips take only a minute read.

To Report Fraud

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578


Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578 and follow the prompts to Card Services to block your card.

* Please also call Priority Service during business hours to arrange a replacement

Trouble Logging In and System Unavailable Messaging May Indicate Imminent Fraud

If you experience trouble logging in to a financial website, you may be experiencing a malware takeover. If you encounter difficulties accessing Washington Trust WTB Online, call us immediately at 800.788.4578.

Corporate Account Takeover is a form of corporate identity theft where your business’ online credentials are stolen by malware. Often when this happens, the malware displays a legitimate-looking “system unavailable” message to make you think a system issue is causing your login problems. In the meanwhile, behind the scenes your login credentials have just been stolen and are being immediately used by the criminals to access your financial website. As you re-key your login credentials the fraudsters continue to capture your credentials and use them to initiate fraudulent transactions and collect sensitive information.

If you have unexpected problems logging in to your financial web site contact the company immediately to determine if system issues are truly causing the unavailability. If there are no known system issues, let them know you are concerned about a potential fraudulent takeover of your PC.