How do I set up a payment to an individual?

When adding a payee, choose the "pay a person" option. Whether you have their deposit account information or not, there are options readily available to send your payment.

Can I make payments on a holiday or weekend?

No. Holidays and weekends are designated as ineligible for payment processing and will affect the dates available to select when scheduling your payments.

How do I set up recurring payments?

To set up a recurring payment, click the "make it recurring" link located in the "action" column of your payee on the payment page. Enter the amount; select the "Pay From" account and the frequency you want your payments to be automatically scheduled.

Can I see payments that will process more than 45 days from now?

Yes. You can view all your scheduled payments by clicking the "view more" link located in the "pending" section of your payment page or the "view pending transactions" link located in the schedule payment section of your payment page. Note: Recurring payments will only display the next scheduled payment in the series.

Is there a cutoff time for editing or stopping a payment?

Yes. You may edit or stop a payment prior to 12:00pm PT on the date the payment is scheduled to process.

What is my transaction history?

Your transaction history helps you keep track of your payments with customized reports and provides a detailed timeline of each transaction that you have scheduled within bill pay.

How long are records stored in my transaction history?

Your transaction history will allow you to view transactions up to 18 months from the current date.

Rush Payments

What is a rush payment?

Rush payment can be used to send a payment to be delivered the next day or two days from the scheduled date. For payments remitted electronically, the rush option guarantees next business day delivery instead of 1 to 2 business days. Fees will apply. Note: Payments must still be scheduled by 12:00pm PT to process the same day.

How do I rush a payment?

If you have a bill that’s too close for comfort to the due date, you can use the “Rush Delivery” link to select a guaranteed delivery option.

Can I track a rush payment?

Yes. If you choose an option that includes UPS tracking, you can monitor the delivery of the payment in your transaction history when you view the details.

Payment Processing

How are my payments processed?

Payments may process electronically or by check, and electronic payments may process using what's called a virtual credit card. The goal is to deliver your payment using the fastest method available for your payee.

Why does my payment look like it came from somewhere else?

Merchants (your payees) establish relationships to receive electronic payments through different payment processors. These processors partner with one another so that more payments can be sent electronically. This means your payment gets there faster.

My payment looks like it was made using a Discover or MasterCard. Is that secure?

Virtual cards used to make payments are single-use and are not in any way tied to your account. Virtual card processors only receive information that is required to make your payment and do not have access to your bank account information.

Will my payment always process the same way?

Not necessarily. If your payee establishes new electronic payment relationships or discontinues them your payment may be impacted. A check payment may start processing electronically, or vice versa depending on your payee.

Do virtual card payments cost me anything?

Washington Trust Bank does not charge for virtual card processing for online bill payments. However, if the recipient of your Bill Pay payment (merchant/payee) charges a fee for processing virtual card payments, it is possible a fee will result. If you incur a fee as a result of virtual card processing, please contact our Priority Service Team at 800.788.4578.