Digital Banking Services

cut-off times for WTB Online Services
TypeCut-off Time
Bill Pay12:00pm PT
Mobile Deposit8:00pm PT
Stop Payment8:45pm PT
Transfers, Loan Payments, and Loan Advances9:00pm PT

Business Digital Banking Services1


cut-off times for ACH
TypeCut-off Time
ACH Batch (Payments and Collections)5:00pm PT
ACH File Upload5:00pm PT
Same Day ACH Origination (First Window)6:00am PT
Same Day ACH Origination (Second Window)10:00am PT
Same Day ACH Origination (Third Window)12:00pm PT

Positive Pay3

cut-off times for Positive Pay
TypeCut-off Time
ARP Positive Pay (for checks)11:00am PT
Reverse Positive Pay (for checks)11:00am PT
Payee Positive Pay (for checks)11:00am PT
ACH Positive Pay (for ACH debits)10:30am PT
Positive Pay Issue File Import8:00pm PT


cut-off times for Wires
TypeCut-off Time
Wire Transfer (international U.S. Dollar-Denominated)1:30pm PT
Wire Transfer (Domestic)2:00pm PT
  1. Requests submitted prior to the cut-off time will post the same business day. Those submitted after the cut-off time will post the next business day.
  2. Subject to credit approval.
  3. Exception items will generally be available by 7:00am PT.