Just for Fun

Everyone needs some fun in their life. Whether you're looking to travel the world or love to hit the golf course, by planning ahead, you can fit your hobbies and passions into a financially awesome plan.

Sure, “all work and no play” can be a recipe for a dull life, but an impulsive splurge on a big toy to amp up the excitement might be more than what you bargained for. Instead of flirting with buyer’s remorse, take some time to research and plan for your big-ticket item so you can fully enjoy its awesome potential.

A new year is upon us, and we all know what that means: time for resolutions. Maybe you’re eyeing ways to improve your health, relationships, community or environment. But don’t neglect adding some financial goals to the list – after all, improving financial wellness can have a positive ripple effect on all those other areas.

Buying a car can be a big step. After all, there are so many ways to get around with ride share and car share services – not to mention roadways friendly to bikes, public transit and even e-scooters – that it’s easy to put off owning a car of your own.

So, you’ve got a bad case of wanderlust. The cure, of course, is to give in, book a trip and have the experience of a lifetime. But if you’re diligently working on being financially awesome, consider pressing pause and evaluating the impacts of a travel adventure.

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