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Whether you're a new parent, thinking about getting hitched or planning for your retirement, there's lots to think about when it comes to relationships and money. We've got some helpful tips to navigate the financial aspects of your relationships.


Managing the costs of childcare

Growing a family can bring much joy, but a new baby often begs the question: how does one so tiny make such a big dent in the budget? Beyond expenditures on all manner of gear – not to mention the costs of upgrading insurance, a car or even a home – one of the biggest recurring expenses is child care.

Taking on money matters for aging parents

Broaching the subject of whether your parents need help managing their finances isn’t easy. After all, no one wants to be reminded that they’re getting older and perhaps less adept at keeping track of bills, investments and other money matters.

Estate planning when you don’t have an “estate”

Maybe your lifestyle isn’t in keeping with that of the Kardashians or Beyoncé and Jay-Z, but surprise… you do have an estate and the associated planning issues. An estate is simply any assets or property you have accumulated, and the planning is ensuring that everything is distributed according to your wishes once you’ve passed.

Planning For Baby Takes Baby Steps

If you’re crushing on the idea of a mini-me and not minutely deterred by what’s involved – think late-night feedings, minimal sleep, seemingly random wailing and panicked visits to urgent care… none of which are remotely associated with a rager – then it really may be time to start a family.

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