Guidelines: Employee Access and User Administration

Your people are your best tools in maintaining financial security.

Your employees are your greatest line of defense in protecting your company from security attacks. By implementing some smart practices and educating your workforce on scams and threats, you can all be vigilant and prepared to act.

  • Create a separate User ID for each individual that needs online access. Limit the “Admin” User ID to a single authorized employee.
  • Establish formal security policies and procedures that govern access to online applications, including remote and wireless connectivity.
  • Educate employees on information and Internet security and usage policies and procedures, including individual responsibilities.
  • Educate employees on the latest scams and threats making the rounds – and how to combat them – to keep all staff vigilant.
  • Delete User IDs as part of the exit procedure when employees leave your company.
  • Limit administrative rights on users' workstations to help prevent inadvertent downloading of malware or other viruses.
  • Establish second approval requirements for changes to User Administration.
  • Establish second approval requirements for transactions and separate entry and approval users.
  • Establish transaction dollar limits for each user who initiates and approves online transactions, and set limits at multiple levels: per transaction, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Review transaction histories and user activity audit logs regularly for unusual activity.

Report Fraud

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578.

To Block a Debit or Credit Card

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578 and follow the prompts to Card Services to block your card.

You can suspend your debit card or report it lost or stolen within WTB Online.

Fraud Prevention

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