Network Security

Reduce chances of a data breach with preventive measures.

Cyber attackers don’t discriminate. Small businesses can have their systems compromised as easily as companies whose data breaches make headlines. While it is impossible to be 100% secure, it is possible to make it harder for hackers to succeed.

  • Fully deploy computer firewalls and manage with security procedures.
  • Password-protect your Wi-Fi network.
  • Use and update anti-virus software regularly.
  • Update operating systems with most recent security patches.
  • Regularly back up company data and store copies in another location, such as the cloud.
  • Test security systems and processes on a regular basis.

Report Fraud

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578.

To Block a Debit or Credit Card

Call Priority Service at 800.788.4578 and follow the prompts to Card Services to block your card.

You can suspend your debit card or report it lost or stolen within WTB Online.

Fraud Prevention

Simple steps to help protect yourself from fraud. Read More