Wireless Network Management

Secure the door to your business network.

Wireless networks can provide an unintended open door to your business network, so consider disabling them if there isn’t a valid business need. If you need a wireless network, ensure that strong security is in place.

  • Use a complex administrative password for the wireless network hardware (router/access point), not the factory default.
  • Save the password in a secure location, should it be needed for future changes.
  • Disable remote administration of the wireless network hardware (router/access point).
  • If possible, disable broadcasting the network SSID.
  • Enable WPA encryption of the wireless network if it is available.
  • If only known computers will access the wireless network, consider enabling MAC filtering to only allow computers with permitted MAC addresses.

Report Fraud

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To Block a Debit or Credit Card

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You can suspend your debit card or report it lost or stolen within WTB Online.

Fraud Prevention

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