Preserving Wealth After Losing A Spouse

As a relationship manager and trust officer in the Wealth Management and Advisory Services department, my job is really about developing relationships with my clients. We really run a life journey with them, and it’s wonderful to be able to be there for them, and guide them through the joys and challenges they experience in their lives.

Often, when a client suffers a loss in their life, their goals and their dreams all change. Their confidence is shaken, and they may not have experience dealing with an advisor. They’re reaching out to you for much more than money issues, so they need to find an advisor they’re comfortable with. Someone that can help them redesign and redirect their lives through these challenging times.

We can’t be afraid to let them talk about the spouse they’ve lost. Sometimes we’re afraid to let them talk about it, because we don’t know how to react to them, but I’ve found that they want to talk about them. They want you to know who they were, what their life was about, and what their life story was.

I have one client relationship in particular that really sticks out. Over the years, she has become a dear friend and very special to me. She and her husband were long time clients of the bank, but I was introduced to her after her husband and children had passed away. She had extended family, but they did not live in the area, so she really needed guidance and help through a vulnerable situation.

We sat down and went through all her finances, and put together a plan to protect her wealth and give her piece of mind as she moved on through her life. It was a real protection for her knowing that everything was in place, and everything would be taken care of to her wishes.

We were able to help her understand what she could control and what she could manage, and to give her confidence in her finances as she advanced in age.

She was grateful for the guidance, and I was grateful for the opportunity to add another level of trust to our relationship.