Portfolio Management

A Proven Strategy for Investment Success


We are not restricted by offering proprietary products or holding an inventory of securities. Our selection of securities and outside fund managers is based on unbiased research and analysis. During this ongoing process, our Senior Portfolio Managers and research analysts conduct rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, which enables Washington Trust to enhance the asset allocation options.

Our choices are made because we believe they are truly the best choices—not because we are obligated to sell a product or reduce inventory. Our independent structure and open architecture philosophy allow us to strategically combine in-house expertise with external investment management capabilities to truly achieve “best-of-class” portfolio construction.

Institutional Expertise

Washington Trust Bank brings institutional expertise and strategies to our clients that would not be available to them when managing their own portfolios. One of the main reasons for the difference in the long-term performance of institutional portfolios versus individual portfolios has been better diversification.

Historically, individual portfolios have diversified by using only traditional assets—stocks and bonds. We believe that true diversification and effective risk management can only be achieved using asset classes that are not highly correlated, but highly complementary to traditional stock and bond strategies. Our expertise allows for the construction of individual portfolios that have the same diversification sophistication as institutional portfolios.

Investment Philosophy and Style

Washington Trust’s investment philosophy is grounded in the core belief that unbiased and active decisions, asset allocation and diversification are the keys to successful investing over the long term.

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Our Disciplined Selection Process

Each portfolio has its own written investment policy, which we create based on factors such as other holdings, tolerance for risk, tax situation, time horizons, expected returns and spending requirements.

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Portfolio Construction

Our goals-based process is quite different from traditional investment planning, where advisors only look to out perform a market index.

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Portfolio Management Group

Washington Trust Bank utilizes our Portfolio Management Group and a consensus-based, team approach to expert investment strategy and decision making.

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