Each portfolio has its own written investment policy, which we create based on factors such as other holdings, tolerance for risk, tax situation, time horizons, expected returns and spending requirements. Our investment policy documents your customized portfolio that is goals-based and personalized to meet your financial goals.

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"Washington Trust's investment philosophy is grounded in the core belief that unbiased and active decisions, asset allocation and diversification are the keys to successful investing over the long term."

Our Goals-Based Process is as Individual as You Are

Identify Objectives

We cautiously approach the intent or goal of your wealth. Retirement? A legacy for your family? Future charitable benevolence? Identifying your specific objectives is key to customizing your portfolio strategy. We take the time to understand what is important to you and the purpose of your assets in support of your financial goals.

Determine Allocation Strategy

A prudently designed and well-diversified asset allocation strategy is critical to achieving long-term financial goals.

Our investment experts have access to a number of resources that help them analyze and position the optimal asset allocation of traditional and complementary asset classes for each client. Our selections reflect your specific needs and are not a rigid model strategy applied to all.

We focus on asset allocation and investment style diversification to not only enhance performance but to cautiously manage risk. Expected asset class returns, volatility and the diversification effect of the various asset classes are all carefully analyzed.

Our active research enables us to identify developing market trends that may warrant appropriate changes to our strategies. We’ll quickly communicate any recommended changes based on new information.