Overview of Services

Our clients receive consistently delivered, uncompromising quality from a team of experts who take an unbiased approach to identify opportunities and to develop creative solutions for each wealth situation.

Washington Trust brings more than 100 years of investment management, estate settlement and trust administrative expertise to individuals, families, companies and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are sought out by our clients and their professional advisors for stability, expertise and unparalleled client service levels.

Our clients receive consistently, uncompromising quality from a team of experts. Our fee-based structure allows for independent and objective decisions, based solely on the financial benefit to our client. This structure allows us to identify and develop unbiased, creative solutions for each wealth situation.

Attorneys and tax advisors are assured their clients are handled by a corporate trustee that understands complex and, often times, multi-generational financial coordination. Nonprofit organizations and companies can rely on the stability, continuity and safety with which we manage each client’s portfolio.

No staff member receives a commission directly attributed to any action, fund or security selection. This straightforward, objective fee structure is easy to understand and readily disclosed.

Services Offered