Login PIN Instructions

Step 1

For a mobile PIN, existing Online Portfolio users must add their mobile number to Online Portfolio system login (not mobile app) using existing User ID and Password.

  1. Log in to system using existing User ID and Password.
  2. Click Login & Edit Security Profile.

Step 2

Click on Phone Number / Security Questions.

Step 3

  1. Select "Mobile" from the Type dropdown and enter mobile number to the Enter Number field.
  2. Security questions will also need to be updated. Click "Update" at bottom.

Step 4

Download the Mobile app:

Search for "Washington Trust Bank" in the App Store and look for the silver WTB Wealth app, or follow the app store links below. This is separate from the WTB Mobile app for online banking (blue icon).

Step 5

Log in to mobile using existing Online Portfolio User ID and Password.

Step 6

You will be prompted on first use to update PIN ID preference on screen.

Select "Email" or "Phone" PIN preference.

Step 7

If phone, select Text Message or Voice Message preference. Click "Get one-time PIN".

PIN will then generate (to email or mobile text or voice message). Mobile app will then prompt for PIN on first login attempt. You will then be logged into WTB Wealth.

Need help setting up access to Online Portfolio?

Please contact your Relationship Manager.

For assistance with the WTB Wealth app:

Washington Trust Bank Priority Service


Priority Service hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 7am–9pm PT
  • Saturday: 8am–7pm PT
  • Sunday: 10am–7pm PT
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Communication Portal Now Available in Online Portfolio

A unique service accessible from any desktop device, the communication portal provides:

  • Direct communication
  • News
  • Updates and information to stay atop of your wealth management