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Important ACH Rules Information

Important ACH Rules Information for Companies using ACH to Collect Money via WTB Online

If you use WTB Online for ACH collections and initiate debit transactions for which authorization was obtained via the Internet/Wireless Network or via the telephone, special ACH rules apply. The appropriate Standard Entry Class Code, WEB or TEL, must be used AND specific guidelines must be followed.

If you use one of these methods (WEB/TEL), you must contact Washington Trust Bank prior to February 19, 2021, and we will provide the required compliance information to you. Non-compliance with the ACH rules can result in significant fines and penalties.

Please contact Cash Management Support at 866.765.2915, email, or for secure email: click on the Message Center within WTB Online. Please reference this Web–Tel Compliance notification.

What qualifies as a WEB transaction?

A WEB entry allows a Company the option to debit a consumer account after obtaining authorization over the Internet or a Wireless Network (ex. Mobile/Tablet).

The consumer inputs their banking information into the Company's Web site and authorizes the Company to initiate an ACH debit entry to their account.


What qualifies as a TEL transaction?

A TEL entry allows a Company the option to debit a consumer account after obtaining verbal authorization over the telephone. A TEL may only be transmitted only if:

  1. There is an existing relationship between the Company and the consumer.
  2. There is NOT an existing relationship between the company and the consumer, but the consumer has initiated the telephone call to the Company.